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SonyEricsson P1i

I’ve been keeping the idea of a lightning-fast review of the things I owned lingering in my head for sometime now. I found that the conventional method of lengthy review is too much trouble for me. From now on, my reviews will consists only of a pros and cons – from my point of view, of course – section. For this premier issue, I’ll review my own SonyEricsson P1i which I bought earlier this year to replace my once-trusty-but-later-buggy  O2 XDAII Mini.


  • Compact-sized. At a dimension of 106 x 55 x 17 mm and weight of 124 g, this smartphone is small enough to fit inside your shirt-pocket.
  • QWERTY keyboard. The dual-character keys work surprisingly well.
  • 3.2 MP camera. Combined with the dual LED flash, it works very well.
  • Less system freeze. The Symbian UIQ interface is far more stable than Windows Mobile.
  • Wifi. Though it’s limited to 802.11b – which almost made this feat move to the cons side of the comparison – it’s okay for me.


  • Laggish performance. Application start-up times are way off. It takes an average of 2 seconds to start even the banalest apps such as messaging and notes.
  • Minimalistic address book. P1i’s address book is a heavily watered-down version of Windows Mobile’s. Limited number of fields and field types is my primary bane.
  • Handwritten notes area is too small. I miss taking handwritten notes on my old O2 where its length is virtually unlimited.
  • Backup process to the PC is slow and requires a restart of the phone. Self-explainable.
  • Message browsing is sufferingly slow. Let’s say you receive 35 new year SMSes. How do you browse them all? Click a message, read, press the return message, scroll to next message, repeat. You see how this doesn’t scale well?

Photo from GadgetsTown

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