Decidedly mundane…

Farewell to Jebleh

Today’s Jebleh’s final day with The Company. She’s moving out to some oil company, supposedly to be a BCP coordinator. Naturally, I’m saying that she’s just shifting her romance target to balding, oilfield working, caucasian men now that she has failed to grab the attention of normal salarymen of The Company. I’ll surely miss Jebleh and that flabby lower lip of her. Afterall, I’ve known her way back since our on-the-job-training days in Semarang.

All the best of luck to you, Bleh!

PS: Just in case you’re wondering. Jebleh’s the one to the left in the picture above. The nickname is self-explanatory, no? It’s Jebleh, myself, and Ajus during a farewell lunch we had back in early December.

4 Responses to “Farewell to Jebleh”

  1. keren jg peng pake dasi…

  2. @ bung ben:
    Nyela aja lo, Ben. Hehe.

  3. gantengnya pacarku (eh suamiku) auw!..gantengnya suamiku auw!..tak bosan-bosan aku memandangmuuuuuuu.. *sing it folks!*

  4. @ dince:
    Masa’alaaaa. Kok jadi dangdut? Hehe.

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