Decidedly mundane…

The Best Seats Onboard Mandala Air’s A320s

I love the Mandala Air nowadays. It has renewed all of its fleet with brand new Airbus A320s and A319s. Mandala is also now remarkably punctual, a soothing news for a nation flocked with airlines infamous for their tardiness.

Anyway, if you’re planning to fly with Mandala’s A320, here are the best seats in the flight in my opinion:

  • 14 A through F.

2 Responses to “The Best Seats Onboard Mandala Air’s A320s”

  1. Decidely mundane indeed, well, at least I know not to fly on them if they now use rancid Airbuses, modern rubbish that fall out of they sky anyway. Hopefully one or two other airlines have kept their 737-200s.

    • @ Paul J:
      Yup. That’s why I display it upfront up there in below the title. :)

      Actually, the Airbuses are not rancid at all. They’re all brand new A320s. I can’t vouch the same for the 737-200s, on the other hand. In fact, Indonesia air authority has once grounded them all after several incidents – or accidents, if you will – involving the planes.

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