Decidedly mundane…

You Can Call Him Pras

Prabaswara Arshad Nugraha was safely born on May 18th, 2009 through c-section. He was 50 cm tall and had a weight of 2.9 kgs.

Fighting the Jaundice Sun Bathing with Mummy An Auntie's First Time At Least They Still Feed Me Right
With This Headpiece, I'd Better Sleep It Off Happy Now, Grandpa? Pras' New Look What Are They Laughing At?
Letting Go of The Hair Cute Little Foot Oh Noes! They're About to Make Me a Skinhead! Sun Bathing
This. Feels. Good. Who The Hell Is This Guy? Pras & Mbah Kakung All Asleep Now
Taking a Bath with Ninin Pras in the Pram

There’s always more to see here. And not to forget, there’s also some here from the time of Pras’ delivery.

3 Responses to “You Can Call Him Pras”

  1. Aaaaaaaaaawwww :)

  2. @ Rusdy:
    Yep. He has his father’s cuteness, hasn’t he? :P

  3. itu yang foto kaki, bagus yahh kukunya…kayak abis pedicure.hheehhe.

    apa rasanya ga, jadi seorang ayah.

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