Decidedly mundane…

Destination: Bandung

At the end of last month, I finally had a chance to travel with my old colleagues from internal audit. They’re conducting an audit of the quality of service of The Company’s communication network providers in Bandung regional area. They invited my group, the IT internal control group, to tag along to review the process because it involves placing a monitoring utility between our CPE and the LAN at each site.

The work itself is not at all glorious. We installed and configured switches and routers where needed at ten plus sites all over the region and turned on several utilities to load-test the network. We also placed SNMP traps to be remotely monitored back at the head office with PRTG.

Technical things aside. I really loved the work. It feels like what I should’ve been doing instead of dealing with the tedious task of administering documents and data requests for those pesky external auditors, something that was never put on the job description but was born on my group despite my advices and considerations against it. Moreover, they’re my old colleagues, with whom I freely exchanged banters and friendly insults. You can see some of the pictures we took here.

Bottom line is, I loved the travel and I love auditing! Please let me do what I was supposed to do!

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