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Insights from The A/C Guy

Just bought a new air conditioner for my room as the old one leaks like an octogenarian on a wet day. As the new unit was being installed, a simple chit chat with the A/C guy gave a lot of insights into the cooling world. Worth your while if you’re getting a new one. This beats having your info from some random marketing guy at the store – which almost always lure you with some kind of customer trap. These are the words of the A/C guy, not mine, so don’t slap your libel and slander lawsuit  on me, ‘kay?

  • Chinese-branded A/Cs are more adept at the cooling department, but not so in their quality control department. Obvious. Oh. They are also a bit more power-hungry.
  • LG’s are considered one of the more inept at cooling. This is something I also learned by experience.
  • Polytron can also be considered as a “chinese brand”.
  • Panasonic’s inverter A/Cs are one of the best in term of power consumption.
  • Sharp’s are also deemed not hot at cooling.

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