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Coming Out of My Shell

A scholar who cherishes the love of comfort is not fit to be deemed a scholar.

Lao Tzu

It has been a week since The Missus went back to her work. Prior to that, she had insinuated about leaving her job and becoming a full time mother on several occasions. As I was having doubt about the financial stability of my family, I responded with a reluctant no. According to my calculations, we need an additional IDR 1 million from what I’m earning now to let her job go while maintaining our lifestyle and still save some on the side.

IDR 1 million is my comfort zone, but  at what expense? For the first three days of her work, The Missus shed tears whenever we leave Pras at his grandparents’ before going to work. Four out of her six-days workweek, she didn’t leave her office on time, trapped by her work. I know she’s unhappy, and whenever she’s unhappy, I would be too. Also, I always knew that the best place a mom should be is right beside her child, especially during the early years. Something that The Missus has pointed out for several times in several ways.

So, I’m coming out of my comfort zone. I finally said yes to The Missus’ request to resign from her job. We must be a little bit frugal from now on, as a consequence, but that’s now a fully consented consequence. I hope this will turn out to be the best for our family. Amin ya robbal alamiin.

As for the IDR 1 million? Let’s just say that from now on, I’ll be more hard at work. I’m also trying to advance my career laterally, if you know what I mean. :)

Bismillah. May this be a start of an expansion into a new comfort zone.

Photo by Fransisco Antunes

4 Responses to “Coming Out of My Shell”

  1. (pernah) kejam juga ente ga, ‘cuma’ sakyuto ae jre…hehe

  2. Arga : “I’m also trying to advance my career laterally, if you know what I mean. :)”

    Doni : oh, jadi itu alasan kamu ngetrek2 aku nang MEV, nyari org pengganti yo :D. Anyway, I hope u get the best. Seperti kata org, keluarga itu jadi motivasi utk maju. Ga heran kenapa aku ga begitu berhasrat utk maju karena saya belum berkeluarga sehingga berada di “singles’ comfort zone”

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