Decidedly mundane…

The Golden Rule

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

Matthew 22:39

I have always admired the said Golden Rule and have taken it into my everyday live. That’s why I really really detest people who are inconsiderate to other people.

For some time now, I have heard people said things like, “I’m grateful I can breastfeed my child. My child is a human baby, not a baby cow, why should I give him/her cow’s milk?” Kudos on the first sentence, but two thumbs down on the second. Why should you add your gratefulness with a derogatory remark like that? Are you saying that mothers who couldn’t breastfeed their child are bovines for doing so?

The same goes to people who refer to Blackberry – or any gadget for that matter – bearing people as “autistic”. Every time I hear such saying, my heart breaks a little for all parents with an autistic child in their care. It’s easy for you to label that to a person, but have you imagined the hardship that goes into rearing an autistic child? Imagine that and if you still has the heart to say it out loud, than I can safely deem you a morale lacking bastard.

So, please, please, be considerate to other people, people!

2 Responses to “The Golden Rule”

  1. like this mas Arga, a lot :)

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