Decidedly mundane…

Random Snapshots #5

I tried Kemiri @ Pejaten Village last Friday, and this was what I ordered for lunch. IDR 28,000.
Now, this one is my drink. I had a sore throat, so I ordered a Sekoteng, warm ginger drink.
To prepare for my upcoming master’s degree course, I’ve decided to purchase a copy of Windows 7. This glorified successor of the nightmare that is Windows Vista had me shell out IDR 1,168K. Not a bad deal from Rakitan.com, considering that its MSRP was around IDR 1,400K at that time.
I’ve had it with stupid celebrities and gossip show using the word “entertain” to replace “entertainment”. The first one is a verb, mind you, while the second is a noun. DO NOT MIX THE TWO UP! Anyway, if you keep doing that, you’ll hurt the public’s collective intelligence. As is the case with the guy who slapped “ENTERTAEMENT” on the back of this truck.
This is the ticket for the mode of transportation I take to the office everyday. IDR 2,000 for any rides on the Transjakarta from 5am to 7am. The other day, I was wondering why the BLU Transjakarta chose not to equip all of its shelters with electronic ticketing. The usual hermit mentality or the – also usual – budgetary constraints? Think of all the possible data – and the optimization they will entail – we can gather with e-ticketing. Such a pity.
I have a penchant for coming to an appointment early or – at least – on time. An endangered virtue, I know. Anyway, when I came around an hour an a half too early for an IBM event last week, I went outside for a coffee. Starbucks hadn’t opened yet – luckily, for my wallet – so I opted to go with a local streethawker. Got me a cup of strong cappucino for IDR 2,000. Try and beat that price, $tarbuck$! I’m helping the informal economy, too!
I took this picture of a family waiting in the same airport lounge as where I was, during my ttrip to Surabaya to take my GMAT test. I don’t know why, but I always have an ideal of a successful family man which perfectly fits this image. A loving father with a wife and several children and his old mother, waiting for a trip out of town inside an airport lounge. A minute later the lounge attendant approaches him with a bill for the rest of his party, the ones which was not covered by his credit card complimentary privilege; to which he signed confidently. Damn. Classy. (Although, I do hope he realizes that he just signed a bill of IDR 150,000 for lousy tofu, tasteless fried rice and standard fare beverages)
Another gem from my Surabaya trip. Got myself a budget ticket with the usual budget-bonuses: an hour delay. Priceless!

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