Decidedly mundane…

Samsung GT C6625

Photo by Samsung

Disappointed with my previous phone‘s lacklustre performance, I opted to go back to my WinMo roots. Hence, when I heard that Samsung introduced a budget WinMo phone, I quickly grabbed it.


  • Cheap. As of the writing of this blog post, it sells at IDR 1,700,000, practically the cheapest WinMo phone.
  • Reliable. I experienced less hang ups than my previous WinMo phone, the O2 XDA II mini.
  • Superb camera. Too bad it has no flash.
  • Built-in A-GPS.


  • No flash for the camera.
  • No touchscreen. I really miss this.
  • SMS sending is limited to 20 addressee each. Stupid, Microsoft! Stupid!
  • For reasons beyond my comprehension, SMS send fail & SMS send success messages looks and sounds the same. It’s a bitch to see check your draft folder three days later and find out that your important message was not sent. Again, stupid, Microsoft! Stupid!

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  1. ooowwwwww…..

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