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Photo by TP-LINK

I was looking for a cheap wireless router to be used to set up a guerilla Internet Wi-Fi connection at my makeshift office when a computer store attendant recommended this China-fabricated router. It was indeed cheap, priced at IDR 230,000. After using it for about two months now, I think I have the credibility to write a short review for this wireless router.

Its packed with standard features built-in. 802.11b/g support, firewall, WPA2 security come as standard.


  • Cheapo.
  • Gigantic external antennae contributes to better signal reception.
  • Web-based configuration is easy to use.
  • Sufficient features.


  • Not supported by DD-WRT.
  • DHCP-binding is suspect. Somehow my reserved IP address has slipped trough the crack. A sign of questionable reliability?

4 Responses to “TP-LINK TL-WR340G”

    • @ Dhika:
      Hmm. IDR 299K ya? Beda IDR 70K menang di merek emang sih, Dhik. Tapi kalo aku, sama-sama nggak di-support sama DD-WRT, mendingan ambil yang murah. Hehehe. Sekarang cuma IDR 218K tuh ternyata di Rakitan.com. Ganjelanku soal TP-LINK-ku itu ya cuma DHCP binding-nya yang somehow suka copot. Lainnya puas kok. Bandel pula, udah 3 kali jatuh dari meja masih baik-baik saja. Hehehe.

  1. ic, disini http://is.gd/bb9uI malah cuma 199rb :)

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