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Here’s How Pras is Growing Up

Seeing your child growing up each and every day is akin to seeing magic. This seems a bit cliché, but you have to experience it yourself to see that it is indeed very true. Lest I fail to remember Pras’ progression, below is a record of his achievements.

  • Lifted his head while laying on his stomach: 3 mo.
  • Turned his body from laying on his back to his stomach: 5 mo.
  • Mumbled random sound: 5 mo.
  • Got sick for the first time: 6 mo.
  • Grabbed things and moved them from one hand to another: 7 mo.
  • Sat on his own from laid position: 8 mo.
  • Said “papa” and “mama”: 8 mo.
  • Grown his first tooth: 9 mo.
  • Tried to get on his own feet: 9 mo.
  • Clapped his hands: 9 mo.
  • Tried to walk with his hands held by and adult from above: 9.5 mo.
  • Crawled: 10 mo.
  • Stood by himself: 11 mo.
  • Picked up words at greater rate: 14 mo.
  • Walked: 16 mo.

3 Responses to “Here’s How Pras is Growing Up”

  1. Remember to catch the Tooth Fairy whenever that tooth falls out. http://www.iCaughtTheToothFairy.com


  2. […] awal, mindset – dan susunan dokumen-dokumen – harus sudah diatur bahwa gw dateng mewakili anak gw, yang masih di bawah 13 tahun, dan istri untuk dirinya sendiri. BTW, kalau biasa makan pagi, […]

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