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Microsoft Wireless Mouse Presenter 8000

Microsoft Wireless Mouse Presenter 8000I bought this baby back in 2008 and still has no regrets about my purchase. I love this mouse so much and think it really worth the USD 55 price tag.


  • Versatile. I can use it as a mouse, a presenter for Powerpoint, and a laser pointer.
  • Quite cheap. USD 55 back then was a bargain in my opinion. Besides, you get all this function.
  • Bluetooth connection equals freeing up one USB slot. If your laptop has Bluetooth, that is. Although it comes with its own Bluetooth dongle, we can leave it behind and use the laptop’s own or any other Bluetooth dongle, even.


  • Battery life not that great. On average, I get two months of operation out of its two AAA batteries before I notice a degradation in its precision.
  • Lacks precision. There’s a slider option for this precision vs. battery life dilemma, but all in all, I think precision is one of the downside of this peripheral. Doing much progress with Photoshop with this mouse will prove to be quite a challenge and perhaps be a hazard to your mental health.

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