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What I Did to Overcome Windows6.1-KB958559-x64.msu Failed Installation

After pulling a significant amount of hair for what has been like two longest days of my life, I finally was able to install Windows XP Mode on my newly upgraded Windows 7 Professional. At first, I was stumped at the second step of installing three required packages as described by Microsoft on their Windows XP Mode download page.

Windows6.1-KB958559-x64.msu update package installation was a success. There was a screen telling me that I need to reboot, so that was what I did. After the desktop disappear, Windows 7 still showed that it’s still “configuring windows updates” before shutting down. After the shut down, it went on again, telling me that it still needed more time “configuring windows updates”. The progress percentage goes up and up until approximately 96% or 97%. Afterward, it just said, “Failure configuring Windows updates. Reverting changes.” WTF?! It went on to full revert the update package, rebooted itself and only then was able to enter the usual logon screen. You can see the video here.

After googling high and low for a solution, I’ve found several good resources, including this one – you should probably check it as it may work for you. Unfortunately it still didn’t help me. After some more tinkering with my system, this is what I did.

  1. I uninstalled my Symantec End Point Protection software.
  2. I uninstalled my Oracle VirtualBox software.

Amazingly, after those two, the update package was installing fine. No more reverting back after a certain percentage!

18 Responses to “What I Did to Overcome Windows6.1-KB958559-x64.msu Failed Installation”

  1. Thanks!
    I spent hours trying to get this to work, tried all of the other suggestions and then found your article.
    Uninstalling SEP fixed it for me. Disabling it didn’t work, it needed to be uninstalled and installed again afterwards.

    Thanks again.


  2. I wonder if it is the same with NOD32? I find it a common issue with anything Symantec being an issue, yet people keep using the debunked program…;(

    • @Kevin:
      No other way to find out than to try it yourself. :) Agreed on the Symantec thing. It’s a bloated piece of software for one thing. Unfortunately it’s mandatory in some organizations.

  3. hi, i had to reply, thank you very very much for suggesting uninstalling endpoint, now the Microsoft virtual pc is working with its xp mode, thanks again

  4. A year and a half later, this remains an issue without adequate resolution information on Microsoft forums. After wasting 4 hours troubleshooting, I was lucky to stumble upon your blog. The Symantec uninstall did it. THANK YOU….

  5. uninstalling virtualbox fixed the problem

  6. I don’t have Symantec antivirus installed, AVG is installed.. I am also getting same problem. so do I need to uninstall AVG antivirus?

  7. Thanks for this post. I had the same problem, had to uninstall Kaspersky AV and left MSE running instead and then XP Mode installed just fine.

  8. Thank you! You gave me an idea. I did’t have symantec or oracle software, but I had another ‘often-conflict’ software – Kaspersky Internet Security. When I uninstalled it, KB958559 run well.

  9. Thank-you for a “real world” solution! This is still valid after some six years. Solved the “97 %” issue in Kaspersky Internet Security. All that was required was the uninstall, download Win packages and .exe and then re-install Kaspersky. Reminder: when you go to un-install, leave the box checked for “Retain Activation Code” !! This make the process a piece of cake!!

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