Decidedly mundane…

My Biggest Concern …

… is that this exhilarating experience I’m having here, stateside, with all the opportunities, the exuberance, the out-of-the-box thinking, and even the mere peacefulness of its law and order; will alter my perceptions of my real life back home so much that I’ll never look at it ever again without having a condescending view of it all. Dear God, please lead me to the path of gratefulness and humility, and not to the opposite. Amen.

[To dear readers, this post is not meant as the way I view my peers & colleagues, this is more about the way I perceive my life and, to a certain extent, my nation & my country as a whole.]

2 Responses to “My Biggest Concern …”

  1. Hi…

    Such a great concern you posted here….which happens to be my biggest concern too, as a prospective international student who is going to leave my motherland next month.

    I know I won’t see my life here in Nusantara the same again later after I come back home.

    Deep down, I kneel down, praying the same pray with yours…

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