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MacLocks Security Skin for MacBook Air 13″

Picture by MacLocks

Picture by MacLocks

Merely minutes after I got my hands on Apple’s gorgeous product —Apple fanboyism, guilty as charged— I had an epiphany. Where the hell is its Kensington security slot? Living in a country where laptop theft is rampant, I couldn’t imagine leaving my laptop out in the open without protection at all.

After a cursory search, I found several alternatives. One of them, hand-made in Germany, was a likely candidate with its simplicity and polished looks (sorry, no links, the URL’s no longer valid I guess). Unfortunately, it doesn’t work with the newer models of MacBook Air released in July 2011 since they have newly-redesigned hinges.

Then I found this Security Skin from MacLocks, a subsidiary of Compulocks Inc. Then priced at USD 39.95, I quickly snapped it up since I didn’t find any other viable alternatives. Basically, this product is a two-pieces plastic laptop cover that comes with a Kensington security slot molded into the bottom part of the cover. After nearly a year of using this product, here’s a rundown of its strength and weaknesses.


  • Easy to install. It came with a tiny Torx screwdriver and four screws. The screws are longer to accomodate the skin and the original screw holes. In case you’re wondering, I don’t know if this violates Apple’s warranty. Nothing is really broken or opened up. You’re just basically changing the four original screws with the ones supplied. You —or rather, the geniuses behind the bar— be the judge.
  • It protects the looks of the Air too. The security skin comes in to parts. The ones with the screws covers the bottom part of the laptop, while a second one covers its upper part. Its clear, so it looks unobtrusive. I decided to do without the upper part though, one of the reasons I bought the Air was to be able to touch its luscious metallic cover.


  • It’s not precisely made. I had to use only three of the four supplied screws since the last one didn’t fit the hole perfectly. I didn’t want to risk damaging the Air’s screw hole (that sounds dirty, isn’t?).
  • It brings a bit of a false sense of security. So, you got your Kensington lock into the slot, but really, will the plastic skin secure your laptop. A determined thief would be able to yank it off, I think. In that case, I think you should bank on the notion that someone around your laptop will ask questions or be suspicious about the guy.
  • Some dust and gunks will get between the cover and the laptop. You may want to regularly unscrew the skin and clean the covers of the Air.

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