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How to Fix JVM Error 517 on BlackBerry Curve 9830

There are some things in this world that makes me wonder how would a non-IT person deal with those things. One of those things is cryptic error messages from our gadgets, devices, appliances, and whatnots. Today, I encountered one of those messages from my spouse’s BlackBerry Curve 9830. Why she still has one of those cursed devices deserves a new blog post altogether, but that’s not what this one about.

Picture by wisefaq.com

So, yesterday the device started showing this error “JVM Error 517” plastered on a white background. Underneath the error, a link with the word “reset” that just does that when pressed. Every attempt to reset the device —power button, the “reset” link, taking its battery off and on— were met with the same dreaded screen.

Time for the IT-literate, helpful hubby to the rescue. It was just me and trusty Google. With the help of several helpful guides, I mixed and matched some of the guides to success. Basically, here’s what I did to salvage the device.

  1. I downloaded and installed BlackBerry Desktop Software for PC (BlackBerry Desktop Manager).
  2. I downloaded and installed latest OS image for my wife’s cellular provider/telco —Indosat— here.
  3. I deleted —or rather, renamed the files— the vendor.xml files on the following paths on my PC:
    C:\Program Files\Common Files\Research In Motion\Apploader


    C:\Users\<%USERNAME%>\AppData\Roaming\Research In Motion\BlackBerry\Loader XML

    Note that I have Windows 7 installed on my PC. Full instructions here.

  4. I then ran App Loader application which can be found on the path . Full instructions can be found here.

That’s it. After waiting for around 15 minutes, my wife’s handset went back online. Some of her old apps were gone and she had to reinstall them. All the contacts were gone too, but she could restore them all because she had saved them all on BlackBerry’s servers. I believe all she had to was to log-in with her registered e-mail address, verify it by clicking a link on a e-mail BlackBerry sent to her and that was it.

So, if you’re having the same problem I was having, good luck and hope this helps.

One Response to “How to Fix JVM Error 517 on BlackBerry Curve 9830”

  1. i tryed but this softwere show that there is no update for blackberry curve

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