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Congratulations to Arifin & Donna

If you remember from my old posts during my father’s ailment, Arifin was a friend who lived in Japan and helped my family a lot at the time. His help was of enormous blessing to my father & mother. Last sunday (01/11) he was getting married to his long-standing love, Donna.

My whole family went to the wedding reception. Stupid enough, I don’t know why I couldn’t tell anything to him when I was there on the stage. I just shook his hands and hug him instead, tears filled my eyes, too emotional to say anything.

So, Arifin, if you can read this blog post: congratulations, dear friend. I think you and Donna deserve each other very well. May your life onward be more joyous ever after. And here’s a tip: don’t be shy to show your feelings toward Donna now that you’re married. My mom said that you’re very shy to hold her hands on that stage. :)

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